Saturday, April 25, 2015

The Internal Auditor pt.1


- May I come in?
- Yes, of course, Mrs Ramirez. I was expecting you. Please, have a seat.
- Thank you.
- So, Mrs Ramirez. Margaret told me you wanted to see me.
- Yes, that is true, Mr Anderson.
- You have my full attention then. You are on Ms Ivanova's team, isn't it so?
- Yes, Mr Anderson. That is correct. Along with Mrs Wen.
- Okay, I remember. So, may I know the purpose of your visit, Mrs Ramirez?
- Yes, of course, sir. See, in fact I.., well actually Ms Ivanova, insisted that we arranged a meeting. Maybe if you could pay a visit to our department. Nothing formal. Get to know each other better, you know?
- Is that it, Mrs Ramirez? Is this what you wanted me for?
- Well, actually.. yes, Mr Anderson. See, we are all working at the same company for more than 5 months and we haven't had the chance to talk. More privately, if you know what I mean.
- I'm not sure that I know what you mean, Mrs Ramirez. In fact, I'm not sure that I know why are you here to begin with. Although I have something in my mind...
- Are you implying something, Mr Anderson?
- Do I have to ask you the same question, Mrs Ramirez?
- Listen, Carl. May I call you Carl?
- No, you may not, Mrs Ramirez! As I am not supposed to call you Catalina!
- I see. I'm sorry, Mr Anderson.
- Apology accepted, "Mrs Ramirez".
- So. I was saying, that I just came here to inform you that we, as a department, would appreciate it, if you would accept our invitation for a dinner.
- A dinner? As a department?? You mean, you, Ms Ivanova and Mrs Wen?
- Well, pretty much...
- I'm sorry Mrs Ramirez, but I can not accept this invitation. You, Mrs Wen or even Ms Ivanova are welcome to visit me in my office whenever you want.
- I know... Mr Anderson. Although... Explain me something. Why anyone has to settle for less, when it is clear that he can have... well, let's say... way... more...
- Mrs Ramirez??? Are you...???
- You see anything you like, Mr Anderson? I'm up here...
- Wha... No!! Can you please step out of my office now, Mrs Ramirez???
- What???
- I said that would be all, Mrs Ramirez.
- What are you talking about, Mr Anderson? You can't do this.
- Let's see if I can! Margaret? Can you please come in? And can you please bring me some water here?

- Margaret, can you please escort Mrs Ramirez to her floor?
- Yes, Mr Anderson.
- Mr Anderson!! You are not talking seriously! I can sue you for this, you know???
- You 'd better watch your mouth, young lady!! I am the Chief Audit Executive of this company and I report only to my superiors! Who by the way, happen to be THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS!!! DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME, "MRS RAMIREZ"?
- We 'll see about that, Mr Anderson...
- I do not, Mr Anderson... I just said "we 'll see"...
- Margaret??
- Yes, Mr Anderson?
- Can you please wait outside for a moment?
- Yes, of course, Mr Anderson.
- Thank you, dear. And please, do not let anyone enter this office for the next 10 minutes.
- Yes, sir.
- What are you talking about, Mr Anderson??
- What...
- I have no id....
- Oh just stop it, girl. You are so pathetic I can't even look at you! You know, Mrs Ramirez, 5 months ago me and my team were recruited to provide independent assurance that the internal control processes of this company are operating effectively. You know what we found?
- What, Mr Anderson..?
- I bet it's a rhetoric question, huh?
- No, Mr Anderson...
- WHAT????
- What are you saying, Mr Anderson?
- Mr Anderson. I thought we could solve all our differences differently. I'm sure that if you would accept our invitation, you would see that we are not that bad...
- You can't do that, Mr Anderson. We are the future of this company. See, the things we are working on... oh they are far more advanced than anything you have ever seen, Mr Anderson. Or that you will ever understand...
- I'm sorry but I can't do that, Mr Anderson... You have to tell me more...
- As a matter of fact, yes, Mr Anderson. This is exactly what I said. And I said that you have to tell me more...
- I need to know the details, Mr Anderson. Every single one of them. First, I need those reports. Secondly, I need you to change them. Then, I need you to tell me when and where you are going to have the meeting with the Board. And of course, we will need all the passwords and total access to your computer.
- Calm down, Mr Anderson. You are going to tell me anyway...
- WHAT THE F....
- Ms Ivanova is waiting for you in our lab, Mr Anderson. We do not want to upset her. Do we?
- WHAT... THE FUCK... IS... GOING ON.... HERE....
- As you said, Mr Anderson. We are a pharmaceutical company. Do you think a well-respected scientist - and one of the brightest minds I dare to say - at one of the most complex pharmaceutical companies in the world, can not find a way to add a mild sedative for her "patient" to take with a small sip of water, like the one you just had? ...huh, Mr Anderson? Or should I say, "Carl"...?
- YOU DID... WHAT????
- I thought... well, Ms Ivanova thought, that we could have an understanding. She always thought you were going to be our kind of guy, you know?
- I'm afraid not, honey. You must feel more relaxed already, am I right?
- Oh come on, baby. I know you do. That's okay. That's a good thing. In a few minutes you will be accompanying me to our lab.
- That's it. I'm calling security!
- Oh come on. Put down that phone...
- Let me go!
- Oh listen to little Carl! Begging a girl to let go of his hand!
- I said let - me - GO!
- Just look at you, Carl! You have a 25 year-old girl, keeping both of your hands together with only one hand. You still think you can win this?
- What do you want????
- Oh I want us to be friends, Carl. This is what I want!
- What are you... talking about???? Let go of me!! What do you... want from me????
- Oh Carl. You are the Chief Audit Executive, honey. You know how important this is? You report only to the Board of Directors, dear. Your role is the most critical for the future of this company, don't you know that?
- What do you....
- You bring results. You are objective. Independent. Unbiased. Ruthless.
- What do....
- Don't you see, Carl? Don't you see how important it is to have a cruel, independent, ruthless hound... on our side?
- Noooo.... never....
- Oh, you will be, Carl. Believe me. It may take a while. But in the end, you will be...
- Noo!!! I w....
- We are going to be best friends, Carl. And you. You are going to be our man. You are going to follow our orders and you are going to change everything that we want in this company. You will still be the same cold-blooded, merciless, unforgiving little dog. But every time it comes to us, you will be blinded by the endless seas of bias that will be splashing in your little brain.
- I'm calling securit...
- Oh but I got your hands, silly. Remember? Can you dial with no hands? Oh, you must be getting dizzier...
- Im callin... Margar....
- You were becoming dangerous, Carl. You know that? You and your whole team. But you will replace them soon. You will put the people that WE tell you, Carl.
- No.... never... never... I'm.... callin....
- You disappoint me, Carl. You disappoint me so fucking much. It would be so much easier if you could just agree becoming our fucking pet in the first place, you know? Let's see what are going to accomplish with this, Carl. Go on! Make you call!


- Margaret... Margaret... Margaret... where... are ... you... I need... help.... Margaret....
- You are so pathetic...
- Help... somebody help... me.... Margaret...
- Margaret is not in her office right now, Carl! Mrs Wen called her 3 minutes ago. After your ridiculous outburst. She will be back in about 30 minutes if you need to know. In fact, it's eight 'o' clock, honey. There is no one in the whole fucking floor!
- Marg...a...ret..... help...
- Come on, baby. You will see Margaret tomorrow. You 'll tell her you are sorry for leaving like in a hurry and everything is gonna be just fine.
- Marg.... hel....
- Oh. You don't need Margaret, baby. You won't need Margaret anymore. You 'll have us now!
- Ma.....r....garet.....
- Yeah, that's my boy. That's it. Stop talking baby. I'm sure you 're too tired to talk right now.
- Ma....rgar.....
- Nice..., baby. You are too dizzy to talk. I'm sure you don't even think clearly by now. Right, my love?
- Marg....
- That's my boy. It's time to go. You need to put all your effort and try to get up now. That's it. I know the whole place is spinning right now, honey, but I just need you to hold me tight and try not to worry your pretty mind with silly thoughts.
- Hel.....
- That's it. Let me hold you, baby and try to walk with me. You can not do this without me, baby. So, I want you to focus right here and let me help you.
- Hel...
- We are out of your office. See? It was not that hard! Oh and look, sweety. Margaret is not here either. Now, let's hurry. We do not want her to find us here, do we? We do not want her to worry.
- Mar.....
- That's my boy. A few more steps and we are in the elevator, baby. We do not want to keep Ms Ivanova waiting. Right, my love?
- No.....
- 3, 2, 1 and we 're in!

[elevator going down]

- That was it, Carl. In a few minutes you will be lying in our lab's bed. All wired up and ready for Ms Ivanova to work her magic on you.
- .....
- I told you, once you get to know us, you will see we are not that bad, baby. Oh and as for our unfortunate incident back to your office... I'm sure tomorrow you won't remember anything...

[elevator door opens. a steel door down a corridor opens through a magnetic pass-card with optic sensors. a woman locks the door behind them.]

[Z.W] Hello, Mr Anderson.
[C.R] I don't think he is in a position to speak right now...
[Z.W] Should we take him to the bed right away or should we wait until he is off?
[C.R] There shouldn't be a problem. He is too weak to resist.
[Z.W] He won't try to do anything stupid, huh?
[C.R] You mean escape or something? There's no way! Even if he did try, you alone would be strong enough to put him back in his place!
[Z.W] Are you sure? Because we have to tie him up.
[C.R] Yeah, look at him.


[C.R] He is a good boy now. Am I right, Carl? Are you a good boy?


[C.R] See? He doesn't even speak. I'm sure he thinks we are all flying or something right now. Carlie? Look at me! That's it! Just try to focus. Will you be a good boy and follow Ms Wen to bed?
[Z.W] Yeah. You are right. He seems to be okay. Mr Anderson! Come on. Hold my hand and try to walk with me. That's it. Try not to fall. See the sign that says "OPERATION ROOM C"? This is where we 're heading. Thank you, Cat. I'm taking it from here. Just tell Ms Ivanova that I'll be preparing him. Tell her in about 45 minutes he is going to be all tied, wired and drugged, so that we begin.
[C.R] Perfect.
[Z.W] Come on, Mr Anderson. Oh look at you. You are such a good boy! Mrs Ramirez did an excellent job on you. That's perfect. That's your bed. Lie down. You can relax now. In fact, you HAVE to relax. I know it might feel a little uncomfortable at first, but try not to think about it. Just give me your hands. Like this. Perfect. All tied up. And now close your eyes and take a deep breath. I am going to put you this helmet right... here. And then I am going to attach those wires right... there. Nice. Now when I press this button, you will feel a wave of electricity running through your body. It is going to be pretty small though and for like, a millisecond, so do not be afraid. 3. 2. 1.... and that was it! Was it that bad? Nah. You must have felt it like a tiny breeze of air in your brain, am I right? As if someone took a small breath and you inhaled it. Am I right, Mr Anderson? Now let's tie your feet like... this. And now let's wait for our helmet to do it's job. You can relax. Sleep if you feel like it. It's gonna take a while. Our helmet will first start downloading your memories and then start converting them into an edible format. Feeling okay, Mr Anderson? Perfect. If you need anything I will be right behind that window.

45 minutes later

[Z.W] Here he is, Ms Ivanova.
[T.I] Nice. You have done a wonderful job here, Zhang.
[Z.W] Thank you, Ms Ivanova.
[T.I] You too, of course, Catalina.
[C.R] I'm sorry I couldn't take him on our side, Ms Ivanova.
[T.I] Don't say that, Cat! It was not your fault at all. There wasn't anything you could do! After all, you brought him here, dear. He will see the light, one way or another...
[C.R] How can we be so sure, Ms Ivanova? What about if he doesn't?
[T.I] He'll have no choice, my love. Trust me.
[C.R] Are you sure we did the right thing, Ms Ivanova?
[T.I] Of course we did, Catalina! How long have we been working together? 5? 6 years?? I said you have to trust me!!
[C.R] I have to tell you, Ms Ivanova. I have a bad feeling about this..
[T.I] Yeah, well, DON'T!
[C.R] But we haven't tested it yet to humans, Ms Ivanova! What if something goes wrong? What if he remembers anything?? We are gonna end up in jail for the rest of our lives!!
[T.I] We WOULD HAVE tested it to humans, Mrs Ramirez! Remember?? But we have to take it slow! See what almost happened with the last audit team??
[C.R] And what now, Ms Ivanova?
[T.I] We won't do the same mistake twice, Catalina. Now it is time to act. We have to be on top of things, you know?
[C.R] I know, Ms Tanya. I'm just scared. That's all..
[T.I] I know, baby. Don't be! We have a weapon of epic proportions in our hands. Do you understand? A weapon that could change the world, dear. And no one knows about it...
[C.R] I know, Ms Ivanova.
[T.I] There's only three people in the whole fucking world, who know the way to replace one's fucking memories, Mrs Ramirez! You know that?
[C.R] Yes, Ms Ivanova.
[T.I] You know who these people are, Mrs Ramirez?
[C.R] I know, Ms Ivanova.
[T.I] Then tell me, Mrs Ramirez! Tell me! I want to hear their names!!
[C.R] Tanya Ivanova.
[T.I] Yes!
[C.R] Zhang Wen.
[T.I] Yes! And??
[C.R] Me, Ms Ivanova.
[T.I] And who are you, dear??? I want to hear you say your name!
[C.R] Catalina Ramirez, Ms Ivanova! Catalina Ramirez!
[T.I] That's the spirit, Mrs Ramirez!! See that fucker over there?? If we let that fucker do his thing, you know what is he going to do to us, dear?
[C.R] I know Ms Ivanova..
[T.I] HE'S GONNA FUCK US!!! You know that, Mrs Ramirez????
[C.R] I know, Ms Ivanova!
[C.R] I know...
[C.R] I know you will. I'm sorry, Ms Tanya. I did not want to upset you. You know I would think anything less of you.
[T.I] We want the same thing here, Cat. And trust me. We are gonna get it. Soon that fucker will be a whole new person. So why don't you just relax and help me and Mrs Wen start working on it?
[C.R] Yes, Ma'am... How you think we should we begin with?
[T.I] That was the smartest thing you said today! So, Mrs Wen! Let's do some work here. Do we have Mr Anderson's memories?
[Z.W] Yes, Ma'am.
[T.I] Perfect! Are they edible?
[Z.W] From what I see, yes.
[T.I] Okay. Now first things first! Mrs Wen. I want you to search his memory files and look for the words "MEMORY", "REPLACEMENT", "PROJECT", "IVANOVA", "RAMIREZ", "WEN". Do that, Mrs Wen.
[Z.W] I'm already working on it.
[T.I] We have to get to know our enemy before we fight him, Mrs Ramirez. Maybe he doesn't know the things we suspect that he knows. Maybe he's all talk and no substance.
[C.R] You really think that's possible?
[T.I] I don't know, dear! We 'll know in a minute! But if that's the case, then it's gonna be a piece of cake! If all he has in his hands is a report about "someone" that is "probably" doing "something" which is "probably" "illegal", then don't worry. We 're gonna replace the memory of him reading that report, with a beautiful memory of him reading the latest issue of Life and Style, that is gonna make that report be forgotten forever.
[Z.W] Ms Ivanova. I'm afraid it won't be that easy..
[T.I] Do you have the results??
[Z.W] Yes, Ma'am. And they are not good...
[T.I] Go ahead! Tell me! Tell me everything!
[Z.W] Well. He knows, Ms Ivanova! He knows! A lot... See for yourself...
[T.I] Okay... I see...
[Z.W] Look. Here. There. Shit....
[T.I] Uh... That's okay. After all, that bastard seems to know what we are doing here...
[C.R] Let me see.
[Z.W] See there? 5 days ago he prepared the full report. Look!
[T.I] Uh huh. Yeah, you are right. In his house. Does anybody else has that report?
[Z.W] From what I see.... no.
[T.I] What about his team? Look for his team.
[Z.W] I already did that. Look. His team consists of 3 people. Kyle Jenkins, Anthony Sanders and Donovan Bailey. Each had to give him a separate report on his findings. From what I see, that's the way that guy works. He wants maximum objectivity so he separates his team and asks for evidence. Clues. Numbers. Anything they can find. Then they prepare a report, which they hand to him. If the evidence he has in his hands are enough to support his initial hypothesis, then he alone prepares a full report with all of his team findings.
[C.R] You mean his team doesn't know?
[Z.W] Listen. We do not have his team's heads here, but we have Mr Anderson's. From what I have here, I can say that his team must have suspicions about something, let's say weird going on here, but without the 3 reports combined, they would never be sure about it.
[T.I] Are you sure about this, Zhang?
[Z.W] See for yourself, Tanya. Look at him. 5 days ago. He's in his office. In his basement. It's 4.15 a.m when he connects all the pieces to the puzzle. You see his amazement? Look at him! He stands up and says "You fucking whores! You are busted!" See?
[T.I] Yeah. Search for any calls he may did to anyone about that matter.
[Z.W] I was looking about it. I have the last 5 days from the beginning to the end. We have every minute here. We can safely say that no one knows about it! He wants absolute secrecy. That bastard seems to be afraid that the whole mission would be compromised.
[C.R] What about the other members of the team?
[Z.W] They don't seem to know anything. From their last contacts with him, they don't seem to know even if he's planning on doing anything!
[C.R] Won't they suspect that something's going wrong if they don't see anything in the near future?
[T.I] Of course they will. And that is why we have to make him replace them!
[C.R] And how are we going to do it just by changing his memories? And with whom??
[T.I] Calm down, Cat! As we said! One step at a time! Zhang. I want you to tell me, has he contacted with anyone from the Board about it?
[Z.W] Wait a minute... Yes. He has. 3 days ago.
[T.I] Fuck...
[Z.W] Mr Donaldson. He has arranged a meeting with the Board.
[T.I] And when is that?
[Z.W] This Friday. 5 p.m...
[T.I] Okay, ladies. This is our deadline then...
[C.R] What do you mean?
[T.I] Don't you see? We can't change the past! We can only change the perception of the patient about the past! That means what happened, happened. That bastard has a meeting with the Board about our case and he is gonna have a meeting with the Board about our case! What remains to be seen is what he's going to say in that meeting! And that is our most important mission now!
[C.R] What are we going to do?
[T.I] Nothing that we haven't already thought about, Catalina. Look at the bright side, dear. Should we succeed, we are gonna have the most unbiased voice in this company absolutely biased. In our favor. There in NO other way!
[Z.W] Tanya is right. If that man opens his mouth we are dead.
[C.R] Then let's begin! Let's fry that bastard's brain!
[T.I] Let's not get carried away, Cat! We can't just fry that bastard's brain like that! Everyone will suspect us! His team being first! We have to take it slow! Not even him should be able to realize about his change.
[C.R] What do you think we should do?
[T.I] First we have to make sure that we have his attention! Cat. You said you tried to make him come to a simple dinner with us and he protested.
[C.R] Protested is not the word to describe what he did, Tanya! He got furious! That bastard called his fucking secretary right away!
[T.I] Well. First, we have to make sure that this won't happen again!
[C.R] How should we do this?
[T.I] Zhang! First of all, can we delete that memory from Mr Anderson's head?
[Z.W] Of course we can, Ms Ivanova. We'll have to replace that with something else though. As you know recent memories have to be replaced! His inability to recall such a recent memory would create a confusion in his head.
[T.I] Don't you think I know that, Ms Wen? Well delete that file right away then. There's no reason to be there. We do not want him furious, nor we want him to think that Cat hit on him. And Cat, that's for you. Next time you'll have to be more discreet. We just saw with our own eyes that this man seems to be way too sensitive with things like these.
[Z.W] Just did.
[T.I] Perfect! What is the last memory of his evening now?
[Z.W] 5.30 p.m when Mrs Ramirez entered his office.
[T.I] So, he has no recollection of his little talk with Cat, or what happened later.
[Z.W] No. Not at all.
[T.I] So he doesn't remember all that fucking things he said to Cat. Or that he called Margaret, or anything, right?
[Z.W] Yes, Ma'am. I deleted everything.
[T.I] Perfect, Zhang. Now, let's see... Zhang, I want you to make that bastard, uhm... remember instead that um, let's say he had a hard-on the moment Cat entered his office...
[T.I] You heard me, Mrs Ramirez! You said he didn't even stay to talk to you, right?
[C.R] Well, yeah!
T.I] Well, Cat!! You think we can let that man like this?? That man had a woman in his office all over him and he called his secretary for crying out loud!! Who would do that???? Huh???
[C.R] Yeah. But it's gross, Tanya!! I can't even think about it!!
[T.I] Cat. Do you have any idea in what shit we are in, right now?? Any?
[C.R] Yeah, but...
[T.I] There are no "buts"!! Cat! We have a man hunting us down!! He knows about us! About you! We can't let that, Cat! And we 're gonna do whatever it takes to change it!
[C.R] Shit! Okay... Go on...
[T.I] We are gonna make sure that you have his full attention this time! Zhang, can you do that?
[Z.W] Yes, I think so, Ms Ivanova.
[T.I] Okay. Then do it! Put a hard-on in his yesterday's memories. And be harsh!
[Z.W] I see..
[T.I] I want you to hit his memory with a ferocious strike of horniness! I want you to make him remember that once he saw Mrs Ramirez, he was instantly hit with a raging hard-on. Okay?
[Z.W] Okay. I'm working on it, Ms Ivanova.
[C.R] Shit...
[T.I] Perfect. Describe him his memory like this Mrs Wen: once Mrs Ramirez entered, that bastard felt a hard-on of nuclear proportions. He couldn't understand why, or how, but as he saw her walking towards him, he could almost feel his balls filling up with sperm. When she sat in the chair in front of him, he thought he would shoot all over the place uncontrollably, but lucky for him, his penis started leaking pre-cum like never before. As she was talking, he was trying to cover it up, but the feeling alone of his pants soaking wet from all the pre-cum was enough to drive him crazy. Can you do that, Zhang?
[Z.W] Yes, Ms Ivanova. I'm already typing it.
[T.I] Perfect! Listen though! I want him to have a feeling of humiliation for his sudden uncontrollable urges. Okay?
[Z.W]What do you mean exactly?
[T.I] I want him to be almost sure that she found out about him. Make him be sure that she smelled his pre-cum and she just didn't say anything out of politeness or something.
[Z.W] Okay.
[C.R] Tanya, what are you doing?
[T.I] Listen to me, Catalina! We have to make that asshole talk to us! We have to go out for a secret dinner with him. We have to make him trust us! Like us. Do things for us. Bad things! How the fuck are we going to do all these? Huh?? Right now that guy wants to see you and the rest of us, in the fucking jail!! Mrs Wen!!
[Z.W] Yes, Ms Ivanova. Everything's in.
[C.R] I'm afraid, Tanya! Don't you see?
[T.I] There's nothing to be afraid of! We haven't done anything yet! We just gave that bastard a hard-on for you! That's all! For all he knows, he's gonna remember that the previous day he almost wet his pants because of you! Most probably he's gonna feel bad for what he did and he's gonna see you in a new light. If you know what I mean...
[C.R] Yeah, I don't want him to do anything weird to me!
[T.I] Honey! Does every man that has a hard-on for a woman starts doing weird stuff to her? Nothing is gonna happen, honey! You 'll see! He's just gonna be friendlier. I hope...
[C.R] Yeah, I guess you are right...
[T.I] It's the only way to make him talk to us.
[Z.W] Yeah, but, Tanya... Tomorrow is gonna be a whole new day for him...
[T.I] I know, Mrs Wen. And that's why I want him to remember that Mrs Ramirez was polite to him, despite his sudden filthy incident.
[Z.W] Okay, Ms Ivanova.
[T.I] Do your best, Zhang. We want him to feel terrible tomorrow. He had a sudden visible hard-on. Cat saw it. He felt horrible. He apologized and rescheduled for tomorrow. Cat accepted his apology and agreed to meet him tomorrow. She smiled and left. After she left, he tried to get rid of that hard-on. But no matter what he did he couldn't calm down. Eventually, after almost two hours of unstoppable masturbation for Mrs Ramirez, he decided to shoot all over his office for her. Can we do something like this, Mrs Wen?
[Z.W] Yes of course, Tanya. I'll do my best.
[T.I] Oh and make sure that you give him a generous amount of guilt for what he did!
[Z.W] Okay. I know.
[T.I] In fact, make him remember about accidentally shooting all over his wife's photo!
[Z.W] I think that would be way too much, Tanya. We are not sure if his subconscious will be able to accept it as reality.
[T.I] Are you sure??
[Z.W] Well, I'm not sure. We have never gone too far with a human subject. But I don't think we should take that risk!
[T.I] Yeah, you are right. Let's see how this goes. But I want a crazy ejaculation for him. Uncontrollable. All over the place. I want him to remember about it tomorrow!
[Z.W] Yeah. That is something he will accept.
[C.R] And Zhang?
[Z.W] Yes?
[C.R] Can I ask for something as well?
[Z.W] What is it?
[C.R] Can you please make him remember that the whole time we were in his office I was calling him "Carl"?

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Valentine's Day Message

thank you so much, ladies
for all the love you showed me.

but did you really think I would go away?

that's so sweet!!!

well though,

you won't even believe 
what's in store for you...

Friday, November 14, 2014

The Evil Mrs Nicole James pt.1

- Mrs Andrews, can you please get in my office, now?
- Of course, Mr Lescott.

- Mrs Andrews. Can you please tell me what the hell went wrong this time? AGAIN??
- I don't know what to say, Mr Lescott. They seemed to have cancelled the delivery.
- 3rd time in one month???? That is simply not possible, Mrs Andrews!!!
- I do not know what to say Mr Lescott.
- Erica. You have been my secretary for 15 years. Please, tell me. Have you ever seen anything like that before???
- No, Mr Lescott. I haven't...
- It's the 3rd deal that gets cancelled, Erica!! THE 3rd OF THIS YEAR!!!! !!! YOU HEAR ME???
- I hear you, Mr Lescott.
- Why the hell, they broke the deal this time, Erica?
- I have no idea, Mr Lescott. They just called!
- Get me, Mr Woo on the phone. NOW!
- Yes, Mr Lescott.

- Mr Woo! It's Mr Lescott, from Lescott Oil.

- Please, try to keep yourself calm, Mr Lescott. I will contact them.
- I know, Mr Lescott. I'm sorry...
- Listen to me, Erica. You 've been with me for 15 years. You are the only person in this company that I trust.
- Why are you telling me this, Mr Lescott?
- Keep your voice down, Erica. But I think... there's... there's a rat in this company...
- A rat??? What are you talking about, Mr Lescott?
- Lower your voice!! A rat, Erica. You heard me.
- But what do you..
- I run this company for 20 years, Erica. 20 YEARS GOD DAMN IT! And during this time, we had ZERO cancellations! Well, is this possible, to have 3 deals broken in one month???? IS IT???
- I'm not sure, Mr Lescott. What you are saying is....
- What I'm saying is that we have someone in this company who wants the deals to be broken, Erica! Can't you see??? There's someone around us, who wants to see the company going down!! This is what I'm saying!!!
- Whoa..... I don't... I don't know what to say, Mr Lescott...
- Come closer, Erica... Listen. Erica, you are the only person I trust. So what I am going to ask you will stay between us. Here. In this room. Okay?
- Of course, Mr Andrews..
- Listen. Erica. I want you to search everyone's files. And I don't mean CV's an formal stuff. I want you to look for dirt, if you know what I mean...
- I see...
- I want you to search everyone's history! Who they are, who they were, how they got here, what they do, I want you to know what the fuck they had for dinner a year ago! Do you understand??
- I... I do, Mr Lescott... although...
- Listen to me, Erica. It's not your fault. I know that. I'm sorry. I don't mean to yell at you. It's just that... you know. We can't afford to lose another client God damn it. We 're gonna end up without a job!
- I know, Mr Lescott.
- And do whatever it takes to get the job done, Erica. You will have my full support! Whatever you need just ask me! Okay?
- Yes, Mr Lescott.
- Of course you understand that it is of utmost importance to keep this between us, right?
- Of course, Mr Lescott.
- No one will ever know about our conversation.
- Of course, Mr Lescott.
- You are one of the most respected persons in this company, Erica. So, I 'm sure no one will ever suspect anything. You just have to be careful and discreet. Okay?
- Okay, Mr Lescott.
- This means, you have to keep it a secret even from your family.
- I know, Mr Lescott. I wasn't going to.
- We have to save the company, Erica.
- We will, Mr Lescott. I swear we are going to find whoever did this.
- Thank you. Thank you so much Erica. I really don't know what I would do without you.
- We will get through this, Mr Lescott.
- Listen, Erica. When you have anything that would might seem suspicious, I want you to come to me right away. Okay
- Of course, Mr Lescott.
- Do not even think about where I am or what I do. Just find a way to contact me.
- Yes, sir.
- And I want you to remember, Erica: even the walls have eyes...
- I know, Mr Lescott. I will remember that.


- What-the-hell???
- Oh-holly-f....


- Yes, Mr Lescott. We need to meet.
- Yes. It's important.
- Now if you can.
- One hour. Okay. I 'll be there.


- Hello, Mr Lescott...
- Hello, Erica. What is going on?
- Listen, Mr Lescott. It's about our last week's conversation..
- Whoa, whoa, whoa, get in the car. Now!
- Okay.
- So! What is it, Erica? Did you., did you find anything...?
- Well. Listen, Mr Lescott. I'm not sure. But... I think I have found something... I mean... It may be nothing...but I think... that... we may have something here...
- I will, Mr Lescott! I'm telling you though, that maybe it's nothing! And we may start suspecting a totally innocent person, you know?
- That's okay, Erica. Let ME worry about that! Just tell me what you find! Okay?
- Here, Mr Lescott. It's just that... there's this person...
- Who??
- An intern from HR, Nicole James... 
- Never heard of her! Who is she? Can you describe her?
- She's 18 years old, brunette, about 5.7 ft tall, skinny. I don't know what else to say, Mr Lescott. Didn't know her until now. From what I saw, she's pretty attractive though. I'm sure her male colleagues have noticed her, if you know what I mean...
- So! Tell me more! What about her??
- Well... something's not right about her...
- What do you mean, Mrs Andrews??
- See, it's just that...
- Speak your mind for crying out loud, Erica!!!
- See... it may be nothing... but I have spotted a weird coincidence, Mr Lescott... If it's actually a coincidence..
- See, Mr Lescott... that Mrs James.... She seemed to have been absent exactly 2 days before each of the 3 incidents we had the last month...
- What you are saying is...
- I'm not saying anything, Mr Lescott... It's just that... here's what I saw: first, on March 3, we announce that a deal with Kozinski Oil would be finalized by the end of the week. Then, on March 5, that Mrs James requests a leave of anbsence and 2 days later the deal gets cancelled. Next, on May 27, we announce the deal with Cargon Oil. That woman requests a day off for May 29 and 2 days later the deal goes off! And now this: on July 15 we announce one of the biggest deals in the history of our company, the one with Woo Oil & Gas and once more, that Nicole James, asks for one day leave for July 17 and well.. you know the rest... 
- What.. the.. hell...??? Fuck!! What did you find about that woman??? Did you look anything about her??
- Well, yes, Mr Lescott... and NOW is where it gets REALLY weird...
- What do you mean??
- See. I tried to find her CV. Trying to see where we found her. And then I found this: she is 18 years old, she has no relevant experience and she doesn't even go to college! I couldn't ask Mr Jenners so that I do not raise any suspicion, so I went on to find myself who interviewed her. And guess what I found! Jenners himself had interviewed Mrs James!! 
- That was exactly my thought!! At first, I thought about go ahead and ask him, but then I remembered what you had said about "rats", Mr Lescott... And so I decided to come to you first...
- You did great, Mrs Andrews. You did absolutely great. You may have saved the company itself, Mrs Andrews... But let's not get carried away. What we do now... First of all, we leave Jenners out of this. For all we know, Jenners may be the rat after all! So. First thing we do is we find that Mrs James or whatever she's called to see what she has to say about all this. Then, after we proceed accordingly. Okay?
- Okay. Although...
- What?? What, Mrs Andrews??
- Well, is it okay to call that girl right away?? Isn't it... well... too... soon or anything??
- I see what you are saying. But you better leave that to me, Mrs Andrews. I am the head of a multinational Oil Company for 25 years. Believe me. An 18 year old girl doesn't scare me...
- I know, Mr Lescott. You are right.
- So. Mrs Andrews. You, go on and continue your work. Keep searching. More and more! I want you to learn everything about this Mrs James-girl, okay?
- Yes, sir.
- Dig, Erica. Dig deeper and deeper. 
- I will, Mr Lescott.
- You are the body and the soul of this company Erica. Your help will not be ignored.
- Thank you, Mr Lescott.
- I am gonna leave you here, so that no one sees us together. Okay?
- Yes, sir.
- We 'll stay in touch.


- You asked me?
- Yes, Mrs James, please come in.
- Thank you, sir.
- So. Mrs James. You want a coffee or something?
- No, thank you.
- Okay. So. Mrs James. We haven't met, have we?
- Uhm, no, Mr Lescott. I guess we haven't.
- So, how long have you been working with us, Mrs James?
- Uhm... about 4 months, Mr Lescott.
- Four months, huh? I see... Well. And do you like it here, Mrs James?
- Of course I do, Mr Lescott! I'm sorry, is there any problem?
- No, Mrs James. Not at all. It's just that I heard about you and I want to have a nice conversation with you, that's all. So. In which part of our company do you offer your services, Mrs James?
- HR, sir. I am an intern.
- Oh, I see. And is this a full time or a part time job?
- A full time job, sir. Is there anything I did wrong, sir? Because if there is, I will do my best to fix it!
- No, no, we are fine, Mrs James. Everything's okay. We are just getting to know each other. So. HR huh? And who is your manager by the way?
- Mr Rivers, sir.
- And was he who interviewed you?
- Uh, no, sir. It was Mr Jenners.
- Jenners, huh?
- Why are you asking me these things, sir? I'm sorry. It's just that I am a little worried with all these questions.
- Why are you worried, dear? Is there anything that you know you have to be worried about?
- What do you... what do you mean, sir?
- I'm saying that if there is nothing for you to be worried about, then you shouldn't be, dear. We're just two people working in the same company, who are having a normal conversation.
- Well....
- So, we were saying. Mr Jenners, huh?
- Yes, sir.
- Did you know, Mr Jenners before your interview?
- No, sir.
- That means you didn't know that you were going to be interviewed by one of the company's Vice Presidents...
- What? No, sir!
- So, the day he interviewed you, was the first time you saw him, right?
- What? Yes, of course, Mr Lescott! Why would you think otherwise?
- I ask the questions, Mrs James...
- I'm sorry, sir.
- So. Mrs James. Can you please answer me, what did you do on March 3, May 27 and July 17?
- What? What's with these dates?? I don't know... I have to... think, you know??
- Well. You have all the time in the world, Mrs James. We are not in a hurry.
- What? Now? You want me to do this now???
- If you please, Mrs James...
- I have to look in my calendar. I can't right now!
- Well, you have asked for a leave 3 times this year. You have to know where you were, Mrs James. Without looking in your calendar. Don't you think?
- Wait! These were the days I was absent from work??
- Yes, Mrs James...
- Well, I was at my father!!!
- Where..?
- What? Well. First of all. Keep calm, Mrs James. There is no reason for you to cry. We are not accusing you of anything. We asked you a simple question and you gave us a simple answer. That's all.
- Listen, Nicole. Can I call you Nicole?
- Do whatever you want, sir...
- Listen, Nicole. Fist of all, I didn't want to upset you and of course I had no intention of making you cry like this. The thing is that we have a.. let's say it "security breach" in the company and we have to be sure who is with us and who isn't.
- So. Listen. The truth is that your name appears in certain areas where it shouldn't.
- Wha...
- JUST LISTEN! I have no intention of accusing you, but at the same time I don't know you! Okay? This means 2 THINGS, Mrs James and I want you to listen carefully! First, you bring me everything that proves that you were actually in the hospital with your father. And I mean official paperwork as well as a testimony from your father himself! Second, you come here to me for further questioning. We have strong evidence that attach you to certain incidents and we plan on solving this mystery. And third, everything is going to to take place under complete discretion. Which means you tell no one about it and when this is over, everything returns to normal. Are we clear, "Nicole"?
- ....Yes.....Mr...Lescott.... I don't know... what to say...
- You don't need to say anything, Mrs James. You need to bring me evidence.
- I will, Mr Lescott. Tomorrow morning you will have everything you need in your office.
- I hope so, Mrs James. Now please go and close the door behind you.
- Okay, sir.


- Yes! I'm here, baby!!!
- Can you please come down, daddy???
- Yes, sweety!! I'm coming!! What's wrong, baby?
- Something happened at work today, daddy. Something terrible happened!
- What happened, baby???? Is everything okay?
- No, daddy. It's not okay! I had a talk with the CEO himself today, daddy! In his office! And he accused me of horrible things!
- That man, daddy! Called me in his office! And he accused me of having a connection with something about his company!! Something bad, you know?
- Oh my!! How is this possible??
- I don't know, daddy! I started crying! I couldn't understand much!
- So! What does that monster wants now from us??
- He says he doesn't believe us going for your routine medical exams on March 3, May 27 and July 17 and he says he wants the paperwork from the hospital. Oh and he wants to speak with you as well to confirm it!!
- Routine medical exams? What routine medical exams? I haven't done any medical exams this year!
- That's okay, daddy. You will lie. Oh and when you speak to him you will tell him that your last name is James.
- Wha.... What? That perfume!! What.... are you talking.... about? Why....?? My... last name is... Jameson and... I'm proud.... of it...!!
- Daddy?
- Wha....
- Will you bow down before your princess?
- .....
- That's it. Daddy? Will you lick your princess's shoes now?
- .....
- Good boy. That's it. On your knees, daddy. Now, kiss my pretty shoes, daddy.
- .....
- With tongue, daddy. Kiss them as you would kiss my mouth.
- .....
- Would you kiss my mouth, daddy?
- .....
- Kiss my shoes, daddy. And think about my big, wet, sloppy mouth.
- .....
- You want it, huh?
- .....
- Yeah, I bet you are so disgusting that you desperately crave to kiss your little princess's sloppy mouth. Right, daddy?
- .....
- Answer me. NOW, daddy....
- Y.....e........sssss......
- Yes, what, daddy? Tell your daughter what you are thinking while kissing her shoes! What do you want?
- I....'m... thinking of.... kissing.... her mouth.... her mouth....
- Listen what you 're saying. You are such a disgusting pervert! But you already know that. Right, daddy?
- Y....e....s........
- And you also know that you will never ever get to touch me. Not even close. But that doesn't stop you from dreaming about it, right?
- Y....e.....s.......
- Now, kiss the floor in front of me, daddy.
- .......
- That's it. Stay like this. You will not move. You will not raise your eyes. You will speak from there. Looking down. Okay, daddy?
- Y.....e.....s......
- Address your daughter properly, daddy! How you call your little princess?
- Ma'am...
- Never forget that, daddy. Or else you may lose the privilege of kissing the floor that your princess walks on.
- I'm....sorry Ma'am....
- That's better. So. We were saying. You will call the number I 'll give you, you will tell him you are the father of Mrs Nicole JAMES and you will tell everything about your scheduled medical exams. Pay attention though. You will make sure that you sound 100% innocent. Okay, daddy?
- Yes.... Ma'am....
- In your mind you will create the hope that if you lie well, I may consider letting you touch me with your disgusting hands. Of course, once more, the frustration of my rejection will add fire in the burning flames of desire for me, pushing your perversions even further. Okay, daddy?
- Yes, Ma'am...
- You can look me now.
- Yes, Ma'am...
- Will you be a good liar for me, daddy?
- Yes, Ma'am...
- You never know. If you are a good boy, I may consider letting you feel my tight, little ass with your filthy hands for a second...
- .....
- Are you thinking about it, daddy?
- Yes....Ma'am....
- You will never get to ask me anything weird though, right?
- No, Ma'am...
- Who would say that, huh? A year ago you were talking about my bad attitude, my bad habits and how you are going to take everything from me so that I learn what it takes to be a successful company owner like you and now look at you...
- You are nothing but a disgusting pervert, secretly stalking your own daughter! Huh?
- How does it feel, daddy?
- How does it feel to be a pervert?
- I'm sure now you won't do anything to upset me, huh?
- ......No.... Ma'am...
- Of course not... I fixed you, silly! You are a sick pervert now! As for your perversions, they grow harder every time you get hard for me, remember?
- ....No.... Ma'am...
- Well, of course you don't actually remember it, silly! You don't do it on purpose! It's who you are now! No one WANTS to be a sick pervert, right?
- No, Ma'am...
- But you are! And you 're getting worse every time you get hard for me! Oh and I guess that happens a lot lately, huh..?
- Yes, Ma'am...
- Oh I so wish you weren't that kind of person, daddy! I can't even imagine what you 're doing when I'm not around! But never mind, you will forget our last discussion. Okay, daddy?
- Yes, Ma'am...
- You will keep expanding your sick perversions with more and more things about me though. Right, daddy?
- Yes, Ma'am.
-  And as always, you will have in mind, that for you to keep satisfying your disgusting, perverted needs, you have to keep me close. And for that to happen, you have to satisfy my every need without a question. Right, daddy?
- Yes, Ma'am.
- You will obey your princess so that you keep seeing her. Right, daddy?
- Yes, Ma'am.
- And remember, daddy. You will keep fighting those urges. With all your heart. And you will keep losing. Every single time. 
- The more you fight, the harder you get for me, remember?
- Yes, Ma'am.
- I'm sure you must be desperately hard now, huh?
- ....Yes.... Ma'am...
- Oh God, you are so gross!!! You won't even think of involving me in your world of sickness and perversion!! Got it? You just do what you got to do when I'm not even close to the building you are in! - Understood, daddy?
- Yes, Ma'am.
- Good, boy. Now. Stand up, my pet.
- ....
- That's my boy. So. I will tell you exactly what you are going to do with Lescott and as we said, you are going to be totally co-operative. Right, daddy?
- Yes, Ma'am.
- But first, you are going to get me another dose of that liquid we have at the lab. And I don't care how, but you will have to keep it a secret. Do you understand, daddy?
- Yes, Ma'am.
- It will be your number one priority. Sneak into the lab. Get me a dose of the perfume. And forget everything about it. Okay?
- Yes....Ma'am.
- That's my boy. Once you get me the stuff, I will bend over in front of you. I will wear a low-cut shirt and you will have a one second chance to take a look of my bra. You will take advantage of it and it will cause you a sudden erection. In fact, it will be a one second image that will be stuck in your brain permanently, fueling your raging perversions about me like never before. Okay, boy?
- Yes, Ma'am...
- The aftershock of that second will last for days, firing up countless hours of masturbation over it, totally deleting the memory of the reason that made me bend. Do you understand, daddy?
- Yes, Ma'am.
- That's perfect, daddy. So, about that call...

The Evil Mrs Nicole James pt.2

2 months later...

- Come in!
- May I come in?
- Yes, Nicole. I was expecting you. Please come in.
- Tha.. thank you, sir.
- Have a seat.
- Thank you.
- Let me introduce you. This is Mr Turner, our Executive Director of Legal Affairs.
- He.. hello.
- Good morning, Mrs James.
- So. Nicole. I talked with your father, Mr James yesterday.
- Yes, sir. And?
- And I have to say, he told me everything I needed to hear. But...
- What, Mr Lescott?
- Yeah, I have to say... that... that was kind of a problem...
- What do you mean, sir?
- Let me tell you a little story, my dear. Uhm, Mr Turner do you... smell something?
- Well... actually yes!
- Must be... Mrs James' perfume, never mind. SO! I was saying... You think this company was built in a day, Mrs James?
- No, sir.
- You think I had the money? Or the power? Or maybe the connections?
- No... no, sir.
- I know, Mrs Lescott...
- What do you mean, Mr Lescott? I'm sorry, but is this some kind of...
- Mr Lescott!! You are hurting me!!!
- Mr Lescott, please take your hands off me! Please! If you continue, I will call someone...
- What are you talking about, Mr Lescott? Didn't you talk with my father?
- Mr Lescott. I don't understand...
- That's okay, Mr Lescott. Let me take this from here.
- Mrs James. I'll take it now. It's the reason I'm here after all. As you see, Mr Lescott is upset. And frankly he has every right to be so.
- But...
- Please, Mrs James. It would be better if I did the talking.
- I see...
- You see, dear, you may have fooled every one in this company. But sooner or later that would come to an end, don't you think?
- What do you mean, Mr Turner...
- We knew there was a rat in our company, Mrs James. Mr Lescott and I were secretly working on finding out who the rat is for months.
- I see...
- And you know what, Mrs James? For quite some time we has absolutely no idea! You had us, Mrs James. Or should we say "Jameson"...?
- I don't know what you mean, Mr Turner...
- Please John. Be calm!
- That's okay, John. She's gonna pay for her crimes. Believe me! Just stay calm! So. As I was saying. At first you had us, Mrs James. You were like a ghost in here. We were looking you know, way above your paygrade.
- Please John! But. Unfortunately for you, Mrs "James", you were not that clever.
- What do you mean, Mr Turner...?
- See, Mrs "James", as Mr Lescott said, "we are not kids playing games here". I am here as Executive Director of the Legal Department of our company, to inform you that it is over now. You may pretend to be cool and just go on put on perfume or whatever, but the truth is this: you are going to pay for your crimes, Mrs Jameson. And you are going to pay big.
- I still don't understand what you are talking about, Mr Turner. I have...
- Listen, my child. Before you say anything that may be used against you, I should tell you that our little session here is being taped. So, before you do or say anything, I suggest that you gave it a second thought. You see, Mrs "James", we have all the evidence we need now, that for the last 10 months you have acted against our company and in favor of your father's, Jameson Oil Plc. During this time, we have supporting evidence that enables us to sue your company and you personally, for more than 15 legal violations.
- I still don't know what you are talking about, Mr Turner. I'm sure you have made a mistake...
- Listen, dear. To put it simple: your life is already ruined. Be prepared for at least 15 years of prison time. And as for your "little" company, I really hope that your daddy has a really big pile of money stored in case of emergency, because otherwise I don't see any other way to get away from the mess that his loving daughter just caused. Do you understand me better now, Mrs JAMESON?
- My name is James, Mr Turner. Not Jameson...
- Oh, you should watch your mouth, Mr Lescott. Just relax. After all, we are all on the same team here...
- Shhhhh. Just be quiet for a moment, Mr Lescott... 
- Wha.....
- Good boy... You have a foul mouth Mr Lescott and this is something we must fix, don't you think?
- I don...
- Yeah, don't worry, Mr Lescott. Everything will be clear in the morning. You must be really dizzy right now. Am I right, Mr Lescott?
- Wh... ye... yes!! Wh... why? What are you... doing?
- See? That's better! No shouting! No dirty words! We are already progressing. 
- What are you doing to us, Mrs...
- James. My last name is James. Isn't it, Mr Turner?
- Wha... ye.... yes...
- You feel dizzy too. Huh, Mr Turner?
- Yes...
- That's my boy... Here. Smell my perfume even better. Take a deep breath, Mr Turner... That's it. You too, Mr Lescott. Here. Take this bottle and put on yourself...
- I don...
- Yes. That's it. Everything is gonna be just fine... Don't you agree, boys?
- Yes...
- Y...e...s...
- Everything is going to make sense soon. Don't worry.. Mr Lescott, please come here. Now.
- ...
- Okay. Now. Mr Lescott. How do you feel?
- I feel.... dizzy... Something's wrong.... you... drugged... us.. you... did...
- Yeah okay. Now get on all fours in front of me and say: "I feel perfect, Mrs James. Is there anything you want from me?" And make sure that you sound happy.
I feel... perfect, Mrs... James! Is there anything you want from me??
- That's my boy! See how nice it is when we all know our place? So. Do not raise your eyes Mr Lescott until I tell you. You will not take them off my feet no matter what. Okay, Mr Lescott?
- Yes....
- Now as for you Mr Turner. Let me ask you something. Do you have a wife, Mr Turner?
- Yes...
- Is she pretty?
- Yes...
- From now on, you will add "Mrs James" in all your sentences, Mr Turner. "James" is and always have been my last name. Saying it will come perfectly natural to you, as if you were saying your own last name. Do you understand?
- Yes, Mrs James...
- Can you please say my whole name, Mr Turner?
- Nicole James...
- If someone told you that my name is Nicole Jameson, would you believe him?
- No, Mrs James...
- So, do you have any idea who this Nicole Jameson is?
- No, Mrs James...
- That's my boy. So. We were saying. Do you have kids too?
- No, Mrs James...
- Why is that, Mr Turner?
- We are recently married, Mrs James, but we are planning to have, as soon as possible...
- Oh. Poor Mr Turner. It's a pity. Such a pity, you know? Being at the wrong place the wrong time... You would be on your way home by now, heading to your loving wife, maybe trying to give her a baby! You know?
- No, Mrs James...
- See... None of these is going to happen now, Mr Turner... 
- You 've been a bad boy, Mr Turner...
- Do you have any idea what is going to happen now?
- No, Mrs James...
- See who I have at my feet, Mr Turner?
- Yes, Mrs James...
- Who, Mr Turner? Say his name...
- Mr Lescott, Mrs James...
- Mr Lescott, Mr Turner. That's right. Remember what Mr Lescott said he wanted to do to me?
- Yes, Mrs James...
- Said he wanted to put me in jail for a long time, Mr Turner, remember?
- Yes, Mrs James...
- You wanted that too, Mr Turner?
- Yes, Mrs James...
- Isn't it nice that we are all telling the truth to each other, Mr Turner?
- Yes, Mrs James...
- Mr Lescott, do you hear me?
- Yes...
- Did you want to put me in jail, Mr Lescott?
- Yes...
- You said some pretty bad things back there, Mr Lescott. You know that? Did you really mean them?
- Yes...
- So much anger in your soul, Mr Lescott. You think I'm that bad?
- Yes...
- I can almost feel your hate, Mr Lescott. It creates all that space between us. You think it's good?
- Yes...
- You think I deserve to be treated as a "rat" and be sent to jail, Mr Lescott? Would you treat a little girl like me as a common criminal?
- Yes...
- You disappoint me, Mr Lescott. You really do. Kiss my feet, please. Do not raise your head of course. 
- That's it. How do you feel now that you kneel in front of your biggest enemy, Mr Lescott? You still think you can win this?
- Yes...
- Still believe you are going to expose me and have me and my company pay for what I did to you?
- Yes...
- Haven't I told you? Well okay, it's true, Mr Lescott. I am responsible for all 3 of your company's losses. And you are going to be helping me to cause even more. Along with Mr Turner here. It's what you want, right?
- Yes...
- Still hate me?
- Yes...
- I can feel it, Mr Lescott, you know? The anger. The hate. I can feel it in your voice. You hate me that much, Mr Lescott?
- Yes...
- Say it! Say you hate me, Mr Lescott!
- I hate you...
- Better! Harder! Show me how much you hate me, Mr Lescott! Keep your head down, but show me your hatred, Mr Lescott!
- I hate you!
From now on, you will add the word "dear" when you talk to me, Mr Lescott. And every time you do it, you will unconsciously let a magnifying wave of intimacy between us hitting your subconscious. Do you understand, Mr Lescott?
- Yes... dear...
- Now say it again!
- I hate you... dear...
- I hate you, dear...
- From now on, you can not imagine a single sentence directed to me, without the word "dear" when you refer to me. Am I understood, Mr Lescott?
- Yes, dear...
- That's it. You didn't feel that, nor you will ever do, but you just had your fourth strike of intimacy with me. You will never be aware of that, but every time you do, your deepest depth of your subconscious will crush and burn. Do you understand, Mr Lescott?
- Yes.. dear...
- Nice... The kind of intimacy that will be striking your subconscious will be the exact opposite of sexual though. Okay?
- Yes, dear...
- Perfect. The thrusts of closeness that will be smashing into your deepest depths, will be purely platonic. Okay, Mr Lescott? Every time you call me "dear", your subconscious will be violated by soul shuttering thrusts of warmth and friendliness for me. Okay?
- Yes, dear...
- That's it. It must be 1% easier for you already. Each thrust of intimacy into your subconscious, will be a volcanic eruption of kindness and affection for me. Do you understand, Mr Lescott?
- Yes, dear...
- Soon, your inside will start craving to feel intimate with me. 
- Yes, dear...
- Pretty soon, you will start craving to express a newfound, soul crushing need to befriend me, John. Can I call you John?
- Yes, dear...
- That's my boy. You will be totally unaware of what is happening on your inside of course. You will just start finding me as more and more interesting person...
- And funny...
- And nice...
- And as the strikes of intimacy annihilate your inside, I am going to look like an angelic, sister-like figure to you...
- And little by little, you every cell will be silently screaming to you, to be open with me. To talk with me about your love life. To tell me your secrets. To make me feel comfortable to you. As a woman. To make me feel that I can honor you with my friendship. Do you understand, John?
- Yes, dear...
- That's my boy. I'm sure you already find me a little bit more interesting than you did before, huh?
- Yes, dear...
- Good boy. Don't worry, honey. Soon you 'll see that I'm a real angel...
- That I'm interesting...
- And funny...
- And always right...
- You will see dear. That no matter what the world says, I am always right. 
- And you 'll be willing to do absolutely anything to show me your devotion.
- To prove me your friendship.
- Soon you 'll  need to support me. Like a sister. 
- Like my sister, John. Do you understand?
- Yes, dear....
- I didn't hear you., my love. You will want to support me like what?
- Like your sister, dear...
- Can you say it one more time?
- Yes, dear. I will want to support you like a sister.
- Oh that's perfect, my love...
- Soon, you 'll be almost genetically predisposed to whatever I say, or do, or think. Much like a sister. Okay, my love?
- Yes, dear...
- That's my baby.
- Even if you hear me arguing with someone that the sun rises from the west, you 'll have a natural tendency to stand by me, if I ask it from you. Okay, baby?
- Yes, dear...
- That's it. And if you prove a good sister, I may start thinking about giving you certain privileges. Small at first. But who knows?
- What matters, John, is that the more you call me "dear", the more you are being bombed with strikes of "sister love" for me. 
- And as to know. It has already started. 
- In time, you will be nightmarish desperately to have with me the kind of connection that sisters have. And the more I deny it to you, the more willing you will be to prove you worth it. Are we clear, Johnni?
- Yes, dear...
- Now keep looking at my feet and stick out your ass more, John. I want Mr Turner here to have a good look.
- Yes, dear...
So. Mr Turner. You like your wife?
- Yes, Mrs James...
- I mean sexually?
- Yes, Mr James...
- You like ME, Mr Turner? I mean sexually again...
- No, Mrs James...
- Oh, okay. And can you please tell me why is it that you don't like me sexually, Mr Turner, while you seem to like your wife better?
- You are too skinny for my taste, Mrs James...
- Oh. So. How much does your wife weigh, Mr Turner?
- About 145 pounds, Mrs James...
- And how tall is she?
- About 5.5 feet, Mrs James...
- Does she have big tits, Mr Turner?
- Yes, Mrs James...
- You like hers more than mine, Mr Turner?
- Yes, Mrs James...
- You like mine at all, Mr Turner?
- No, Mrs James...
- Why is that, Mr Turner?
- They are too small for my taste, Mrs James...
- I see. So, you belong to those men who want their ladies to have some meat on their bones, huh?
- Yes, Mrs James...
- Is there anything in me that you like, Mr Turner?
- No, Mrs James...
- Am I not sexy at all, Mr Turner?
- No, Mrs James...
- Would you ever fuck me, Mr Turner?
- No, Mrs James...
- Not even if you saw me naked?
- No, Mrs James...
- Why, Mr Turner?
- You are too skinny for my taste, Mrs James...
- So, what did you think when you first saw me, a year ago?
- I didn't know you work here, Mrs James...
- Oh, but you did know, Mr Turner. Don't you remember?
- No, Mrs James...
- You knew well, Mr Turner. A year ago. I came into your office. Asking permission to help you with your work. You desperately wanted some help at the time. MY HELP. Don't you remember?
- I remember, Mrs James...
- It was too much work for one person, Mr Turner. You were in a mess. Everything was out of order. Until I came here. Remember now?
- Yes, Mrs James...
So, what did you think when you first saw me, a year ago?
- I hoped you could help me with all the work I had at the time...
- I mean as a woman, Mr Turner. You had me for almost 10 months here. During all this time, it was just me and you here. Didn't you ever thought about us moving to anything more, let's say... personal?
- No, Mrs James...
- Was it because I was too skinny for you, Mr Turner?
- Yes, Mrs James...
- I see, Mr Turner. Just one thing before we continue. From now on, every time you hear me saying the word "skinny", your ideal weight in a woman will drop by 10 pounds. Your memories will change accordingly. Starting from 145 pounds that is your wife. Do you understand, Mr Turner?
- Yes, Mrs James...
- You will of course be totally unaware of that, as every time it will feel as if you have always been like that. There's only one thing though. The more you move away from that number, the more you start hating it. Each time this word comes out of my mouth, for you it will be a subconscious strike of abysmal aversion for that number. Do you understand, Mr Turner?
- Yes, Mrs James...
- And most importantly, Mr Turner. As your taste in women drops in pounds, your intensifying aversion to your old taste, will be giving its place to a soul hammering, excruciating obsession about your new ideal. Is it okay, Mr Turner?
- Yes, Mrs James...
- That's my boy...
- Every.
- Little.
- Word.
- That comes out of my mouth...
- Will have nuclear power over you...
- Mr Turner...
- But that's okay with you, right?
- Yes, Mrs James...
- It will be destroying your soul..
- And rebuilding it the way I want it.
- Isn't it what you want, Mr Turner?
- Yes, Mrs James...
- The more you hear this word.
- Coming out.
- Of.
- My. 
- Mouth.
- The more.
- You.
- Will.
- Obsess...
- Are we clear, Mr Turner?
- Yes, Mrs James...
- So. Mr Turner. You were telling me about us. So. You never had any weird thoughts about me, huh?
- No, Mrs James...
- I understand. I guess you would never cheat on your wife after all, huh?
- No, Mrs James...
- Even though we were working together for 10 months. Having ME handling almost everything in your office.
- No, Mrs James...
- Yeah, I guess you must have been really happy with your sex life, huh?
- Yes, Mrs James...
- Are you fucking your wife a lot, Mr Turner?
- Yes, Mrs James...
- How many times per week?
- Every day, Mrs James...
- Oh, I see. She must be a hot fuck, huh?
- Yes, Mrs James...
- How much does she weigh again, you said?
- About 145 pounds, Mrs James...
- I see. Even though... 
- Isn't she a bit too "skinny" for your taste, Mr Turner?
- No, Mrs James...
- I thought you wanted them a bit chubby, Mr Turner, you know?
- No, Mrs James...
- Oh, okay. Well then she's perfect, huh?
- Almost, Mrs James...
- What do you mean "almost", Mr Turner? You just said you are fucking her every day! Did I get something wrong? Are you not?
- No, Mrs James...
- Well then tell me the truth, Mr Turner! How many times do you usually fuck your wife??
- 4-5 times a week, Mrs James...
- Yeah, well that's still way above a normal couple's average weekly fuck, Mr Turner. It still makes sense that you were not having any weird thoughts about me, during our time alone. She must have been a real hot fuck, that wife of yours. Am I correct, Mr Turner?
- Yes, Mrs James. Pretty much...
-  Whoa, whoa, whoa. Pretty much? What do you mean "pretty much", Mr Turner? You just said you are fucking her brains out four to five times a week! No one fucks a woman that much if he doesn't think she's real fucking hot, you know? And from what I hear she must be real fucking hot for you. Or else you would spend your time trying to fuck ME, Mr Turner. So just tell me the truth. Isn't she the hottest fuck you can imagine?
- No, Mrs James...
- Wow. That's new. And what would she need, to be the hottest fuck, Mr Turner?
- She... would need to lose some weight...
- Really? I thought she was the perfect fuck, the way she is now, Mr Turner. Isn't she?
- No, Mrs James...
- And how much weight would she need to lose to be perfect for you, Mr Turner?
- About 10 pounds, Mrs James...
- Okay, it's not that much of a difference. I would never compete with that. 
- I am much more "skinny", you know?
- Yes, Mrs James...
- So, for her to be a real hot fuck, how much would she need to weigh?
- About 125 pounds.
- 125 pounds? But you said earlier... 
- Wouldn't that be way too "skinny" for you, Mr Turner?
- No, Mrs James...
- I didn't know that, Mr Turner. I thought you wanted your girl to have some meat on her bones, when it's obvious that you don't, huh?
- No, Mrs James...
- How much would she need to weigh, you said, to be a hot fuck?
- 115 pounds, Mrs James...
- I see. 30 pounds, huh? That's something.  I mean 30 pounds it's not that hard to lose, but still. At least, is the sex with her good, Mr Turner?
- Not exactly, Mrs James...
- That's a pity, Mr Turner. So, how many times per week, Mr Turner?
- About one. Every two weeks, Mrs James...
- Oh poor, Mr Turner. Why? Is she that ugly?
- She is not ugly, Mrs James...
- Then what is she, Mr Turner?
- She is a bit fat, Mrs James...
- Yes, but fat is a factor of ugliness, in general. Isn't it so, Mr Turner?
- It is, Mrs James...
- Which makes your wife a fat, ugly wife. Right, Mr Turner?
- Yes, Mrs James...
- So, what, Mr Turner? You could at least try fucking her more often until you got used to it. After all most men like their women to be, well... women. Did you at least try?
- No, Mrs James...
- Why, Mr Turner?
- Because I hate that fat, Mrs James...
- And you prefer to stay without sex, rather than fucking your wife now that she's fat?
- Yes, Mrs James...
- Oh. Well that explains your looks every time I entered your office, Mr Turner, huh?
- Yes... Mrs James...
- Am I closer to your ideal of a hot fuck, Mr Turner?
- Yes, Mrs James...
- You know though. I only weigh 95 pounds, Mr Turner. I guess it's too...
- "skinny" for you, Mr Turner... huh?
- A bit... Mrs James.
- Yeah. I could see though, Mr Turner. The way you looked at me every time I entered your office. Remember that, Mr Turner?
- Yes, Mrs James...
- I could swear most of the times, I could see a huge bulge in your pants, Mr Turner. Was I correct?
- Yes, Mrs James...
- Was that for me, Mr Turner?
- Yes, Mrs James...
- Why was that, Mr Turner? You think I'm hot?
- Yes, Mrs James...
- Think I am a hot fuck, Mr Turner?
- Yes, Mrs James...
- Is everything okay with your wedding, Mr Turner?
- No, Mrs James...
- Something with your wife, Mr Turner?
- Yes, Mrs James...
- What is it, Mr Turner? What's the problem?
- She is too fat, Mrs James...
- I see. Do you fuck your wife, Mr Turner?
- Not much, Mrs James...
- When was the last time you fucked her, Mr Turner?
- About 4 months ago, Mrs James...
- You enjoyed it?
- No, Mrs James...
- Would you rather fuck me instead, Mr Turner?
- Yes, Mrs James...
- Good boy. Have you been fantasizing about me all this time, Mr Turner?
- Yes, Mrs James...
- Do I look anything like your fat cow of a wife that you have?
- No, Mrs James...
- Can you be near all the excessive fat that lies underneath her sleazy ass?
- No, Mrs James...
- I should have known, Mr Turner.
- From the way you were always looking at me.
- That you have a sickening obsession for women who are...
- "skinny"...
- Right, Mr Turner?
- Yes, Mrs James...
- It was obvious since day one, Mr Turner, that your cock was responding to me, like a moth to a flame. But your sickness was never my problem, Mr Turner...  Don't you agree?
- Yes, Mrs James...
- I could see you, trying desperately to have a sneak peek of my collarbones, Mr Turner. You were so pathetic. You even had a wife for crying out loud. Did you ever get to fuck that whore anyway?
- No, Mrs James...
- You filthy pervert. You need the damn bones, huh?
- Yes, Mrs James...
- That's my boy. You've been looking for bony girls ever since you had your first orgasm, my pet. Ever since you remember yourself, you've been looking for the most anorexic women to get off, fueling your sickness with more and more images of your smashing obsession. Isn't it so, my love?
- Yes, Mrs James...
- Tons of cum had been spread for them through out your life. But all these until you met that fat whore of yours. Right baby?
- Yes, Mrs James...
- As a matter of fact, it sounds proper if you are about to start calling your wife "a fat whore" from now on, huh?
Yes, Mrs James...
- Do you love that fat whore of yours, Mr Turner?
- Yes, Mrs James...
- You do not fuck her though, right?
- Yes, Mrs James...
- You have never fucked her, huh?
- No, Mrs James...
- In fact, the mere thought of your body touching those masses of filthy fat tissue can make you throw up. Right, honey?
- Yes, Mrs James...
- And despite all these, you still love her, huh?
- Yes, Mrs James...
- Perhaps this is why you have not fucked any other woman during this time. Because I'm sure, if it weren't for that, you would have been fucking like crazy every flat-chested, anorexic girl out there. Huh, honey?
- Yes, Mrs James...
- Is this what happened with me, Mr Turner?
- Yes, Mrs James...
- You wanted to cum every time you saw me, Mr Turner?
- Yes, Mrs James...
- You wanted to shoot your obsessive load for my tight body, Mr Turner?
- Yes, Mrs James...
- But it was that fat whore who stopped you, huh?
- Yes, Mrs James...
- That's so sweet of you, Mr Turner. First chance that comes up, you will tell your wife that. Okay?
- Yes, Mrs James...
- You are not a cheater, Mr Turner and I salute you for that. You prefer those balls of yours to get filled with tons of obsessive sperm, rather than letting them explode for a bony hell like me, huh?
- Yes, Mrs James...
- So in other words, some fat whore stops you from releasing a year's load that you obsessively produce for me. Am I right, honey?
- Yes, Mrs James...
- That's perfect. So. How long has it been since you had any kind of ejaculation, Mr Turner?
- Since I got married to that fat whore, Mrs James...
- It would be better if you called her "some" fat whore, honey. Okay?
- Yes, Mrs James...
- Perfect. So. How long has it been since you had any kind of ejaculation, Mr Turner?
Since I got married to some fat whore, Mrs James...
That means you haven't found any kind of sexual release for over a year now, Mr Turner?
- Yes, Mrs James...
- And how did you manage to live with my bony ass parading in front of you every day, Mr Turner? You must have been hard for me ever since, huh, dear?
- Yes, Mrs James...
- I'm sure every day, you could feel your balls filling more and more with your sickening sperm, right, Mr Turner?
- Yes, Mrs James...
- You could feel your balls getting heavier for me, right, Mr Turner?
- Yes, Mrs James...
- And it was sperm produced only for me, right, Mr Turner?
- Yes, Mrs James...
- Sperm that couldn't come out, huh?
- Yes, Mrs James...
- That's my boy. In fact, Mr Turner, let me explain to you what has happened. See, the magnitude of the sexual frustration that you have gone through this year, with some fat whore occupying your home, while I was strutting my bony ass in front of you, was responsible for a never ending agonizing pain in your genitals. You tried to suppress it at first, but it eventually led you on the verge of madness. I soon became your obsession, your perversion and your sickening mania. All the sperm that was residing in your ever expanding balls had my name on it. Eventually you came into a terrifying realization. That the only way to keep your madness in balance was to give the absolute control of your self to me. Right, Mr Turner?
- Yes, Mrs James...
- You remember all these now, huh?
- Yes, Mrs James...
- No human being can survive with so much sexual energy unreleased, Mr Turner. Your decision to keep all the sperm inside because of some fat whore is morally admirable. 
- But every second you spent looking at my bony ass.
- Every tiny glimpse of my anorexic legs.
- Every time I had to bend over to talk to you and you were staring at my cleavage , drooling in anticipation to have a moment's view of my flat chest...
- you could feel the sperm in your balls multiplying, Mr Turner. You remember that, right?
- Yes, Mrs James...
- This is how you got one step away from madness. You remember that, don't you?
- Yes, Mrs James...
- That's it, Mr Turner. I want you to remember everything now. Make up stories about it. You went through the most difficult time of your life. It was a life changing experience for you, Mr Turner. You were in the darkest place. In a nightmare. Your whole sexual energy was mine. But you had to be morally right, Mr Turner. You couldn't cheat on some fat whore. Am I right, Mr Turner?
- Yes, Mrs James...
- Giving up control is what saved your life, Mr Turner. 
- It was the end of tunnel.
- The ticket to freedom.
- Giving me the total control of your life was the decision that kept you from losing your mind.
- You couldn't cheat on some fat whore, but at least you could be a puppet of the bony goddess that controls your sexual tension for the past year. Right, Mr Turner?
- Yes, Mrs James...
- It was an internal revelation of which you are totally unaware. The gradual change into my obedient puppet started months ago. The only thing you were aware was of the never ending torment of having to live and work every day with the object of your sinful lust. Remember, my love?
- Yes, Mrs James...
- You were only aware of your balls getting heavier for me, baby. Not of the fact that becoming my toy felt like a path to freedom. Okay, baby?
- Yes, Mrs James...
- Every order being followed was a kiss of calmness to the growing burden of your balls, my love. Every command coming out of my mouth felt like a chance to a moment's release of sexual energy. Right, Mr Turner?
- Yes, Mrs James...
- My orders became your drugs, Mr Turner. My commands became tiny releases of life through your internal damnation of sinful lust. Right, Mr Turner?
- Yes, Mrs James...
- This is how you became who you are today, Mr Turner. My every word is an order now and your every move in under my control. Right, Mr Turner?
- Yes, Mrs James...
- I am now your "Ma'am". Whatever I say, you will answer with it. Are we clear, baby?
- Yes, Ma'am...
- I now control you like a toy, right hun?
- Yes, Ma'am...
-  I control your cock. 
- Yes, Ma'am...
- I control your balls.
- Yes, Ma'am...
- I control you.
- Yes, Ma'am.
- Tomorrow morning you will remember nothing of course. But every tiny memory of the past year will be reshaped to fit into what you heard today. Right, baby?
- Yes, Ma'am.
- That goes for you too, Mr Lescott. Okay?
- Yes, dear...
- So, boys. What you learned today is history. And history never changes. Do you understand?
- Yes, dear.
- Yes, Ma'am.
- That's perfect. Now. Mr Turner. Stand up.
- Yes, Ma'am...
- Come here.
- Yes, Ma'am.
- Now take off your pants. I want you to be naked from the waist down.
- Yes, Ma'am...
- Nice. Your balls are big. I bet they must be flooded with cum for me, huh?
- Yes, Ma'am.
- Okay, so first of all, they will never unload in some fat whore's pussy. Do you understand, boy?
- Yes, Ma'am.
- You can not stand her excessive fat and it would be better if you could let her know of that.
- Yes, Ma'am.
- Now look at Mr Lescott here. Mr Lescott does not have the excessive fat that you despise, right, baby?
- Yes, Ma'am.
- Look at him on all fours and let your cock grow rock hard for him.
- Yes, Ma'am.
- Are you rock hard, boy?
- Yes, Ma'am.
- Let your cock stay rock hard in front of Mr Lescott, hun. You feel comfortable with it, hun?
- No, Ma'am.
- You feel now. Look at Mr Lescott on all fours. Do not take your eyes off him and take a mental picture of that image. It feels absolutely comfortable to be hard in front of another man. Okay, boy?
- Yes, Ma'am.
- You feel comfortable being rock hard in front of Mr Lescott, dear?
- Yes, Ma'am.
- That feeling is now imprinted in your subconscious, baby. Being rock hard in front of another man gives you a pleasant feeling. Okay, baby?
- Yes, Ma'am.
- Now, Johnni. Stay on all fours and look at Mr Turner. You feel comfortable seeing him naked from the waist down?
- No, dear.
- You feel now. Being close to a naked man feels way more comfortable than being close to a naked woman. Do you understand?
- Yes, dear.
- So. Mr Lescott. Is it okay that Mr Turner is naked in front of you?
- Yes, dear.
- Now, boys. Get closer to each other.
- Feeling comfortable, Mr Turner?
- Yes, Ma'am.
- And you, Mr Lescott?
- Yes, dear.
- Mr Turner. Get even closer to Mr Lescott until your rock hard cock is within Mr Lescott's tongue reach. Mr Lescott is a man, so it's perfectly fine.
- Yes, Ma'am.
- Mr Lescott. Stay on all fours, stick out your ass as much as possible and raise your head close enough to be able to smell Mr Turner's balls. Mr Turner is a man so it feels okay.
- Yes, dear.
- That's my boys. Now. Do not move. You will stay like this the entire time, until I say otherwise. I want you to listen to me carefully.
- Mr Turner, you first. Do you hear me?
- Yes, Ma'am.
- Mr Turner you are a skinny lover now. For all you know, you have been like this your whole life. Working with me for a year now, while you stay away from sex with your wife, has turned your sickening obsession into a never ending nightmare. Even a second's view of my bony ass fills your balls with - what feels like - tons of cum. Your skinny obsession will never leave you. In fact, it will only get worse. As you fall deeper and deeper into this world of sickening lust for my bony body, I will gain more and more control over you. In time, you will be as obedient as a soldier.
- Now look at Mr Lescott in front of you. Your balls are heavy from all the sperm that aches to come out for me. You are always one step away from an earth shuttering explosion of obsessive cum. You desperately need to fuck something, so that you find the release that you seek for over a year. Okay, baby?
- Yes, Ma'am.
- Now, Mr Lescott. Do you hear me?
- Yes, dear.
- So, Mr Lescott. Your mind is already raped with thrusts of sister-like devotion for me. Every time you call me dear, the rape will worsen. In time, any tiny sign of sister expression from my part, will feel like a sign from heaven. You will soon find me treating and talking to you in a way that only girls do. You will accept that behavior and you are going to embrace it. At first you will find yourself talking about clothes, cosmetics, fashion. Then you will be going shopping and clubbing with me as my friend. And in the end you are going to hear everything about how my fuckers fuck my holes. Okay, Mr Lescott?
- Yes, dear.
- Now back to you, Mr Turner. So. Mr Turner, you are never going to be one of the fuckers that fuck my holes. I will be your sickest obsession, but unfortunately you will never get even close to touch me. Okay?
- Yes, Ma'am.
- Now boys. I want you both to listen to me. As of tomorrow morning, you will both feel perfectly comfortable with each other. Most importantly, you will feel perfectly comfortable with each other's body. When you are in the same room, you will not be afraid to touch each other. Especially in places that are considered private. Okay?
- Yes, dear.
- Yes, Ma'am.
- Mr Turner, touching Mr Lescott takes a tiny fraction of your suppressed obsession away. Even for a second. Do you understand?
- Yes, Ma'am.
- Mr Lescott. Touching Mr Turner is a tiny fraction of what my sister would do to him. Do you understand?
- Yes, dear.
- For both of you, it feels like a drug. You will want more and more of this moment of comfort. Do you understand?
- Yes, Ma'am.
- Yes, dear.
- Mr Lescott. You will find that Mr Turner touches you more when you talk to him about me. You will realize that the more you talk him about our private moments, the more he touches you exactly like he would to my sister. Do you understand, honey?
- Yes, dear.
- And Mr Turner. You will find that the more you hear Mr Lescott talking to you about me, the more you want to fuck him. You will realize that the more you see his mouth saying things about me, the more you will want to destroy it with your hardening cock.  Do you understand, baby?
- Yes, Ma'am.
- Mr Lescott. Accepting Mr Turner's cock in your mouth, will be a smashing experience of extreme and absolute connection with your wannabe sister. It will be the most interesting thing to talk about with me, the key to a perfect bonding and the ultimate proof that you are not a man and you are worth of being my best friend. Okay?
- Yes, dear.
- And you, Mr Turner. Smashing Mr Lescott's skull every time you see him with your ever hardening cock, will be the only way to alleviate some of the internal anger that you hide. The more sperm that you unload into Mr Lescott, will be less sperm produced for me. And that means less obsession for you. Do you understand, Mr Turner?
- Yes, Ma'am.
- Mr Lescott's mouth will feel like a warm taste of sexual bliss, Mr Turner, through the nightmarish hells of your sexual obsession. It will be the only place where you can find the release that you so desperately seek. 
- And which will come back instantly, after a second's view of my skinny ass...
- Do you understand, big boy?
- Yes, Ma'am.
- And as for you, Mr Lescott. Well, don't worry about you. We 'll have much to talk about now that we 'll be friends. See that cock in front of you? Open your mouth to see what will happen...
- Yes, dear.
- Whoah look at that hardon you got there, Mr Turner! Is it for that mouth you got in front of you?
- Yes, Ma'am.
- You like Mr Lescott's mouth, baby?
- Yes, Ma'am.
- Is it okay that Mr Lescott is a man?
- Yes, Ma'am.
- Feeling comfortable having your balls hangin' in front of his face, while he's waiting on his knees with his mouth open, dear?
- Yes, Ma'am.
- Just comfortable, dear, or you want something more?
- Just comfortable, Ma'am.
- Look at me, Mr Turner! NOW!
- Yes, Ma'am.

[She starts walking slowly towards him. She gets behind him and starts whispering in his ear.]

- Listen to me, baby. This is the closest you will ever get to me. 
- My mouth will never be that close to you. Ever. 
- You will never feel my breath in your ear again. Do you understand, big boy?
- Yes, Ma'am.
- But my whisper will echo in your brain for the rest of your life, sweety. Okay?
- Yes, Ma'am.
- My words will be written in your subconscious right next to every universal truth that you have learned through your life. Okay, dear?
- Yes, Ma'am.
- Questioning any of what you hear, would feel as if you question that the sun rises from the East. Okay, my love?
- Yes, Ma'am.
- That's my boy. 
- Now. Do you feel my breasts touching you from behind, honey?
- Yes, Ma'am.
- Can you feel how small they are?
- Yes, Ma'am.
- And do you like it, baby?
- Yes, Ma'am.
- It makes your cock rock hard, honey?
- Yes, Ma'am.
- You know their size?
- No, Ma'am.
- They are AAA, baby. Your obsessively favorite size. Am I right?
- Yes, Ma'am.
- Feel my flat chest touching your body, sweety.
- ....
- That's my boy.
- ....
- Now let that feeling be imprinted in the deepest depths of your brain, dear.
- From now on, it will be the most sexual thought you could ever experience. Okay, my baby?
- Yes, Ma'am.
- Now, do you see Mr Lescott, my love?
- Yes, Ma'am.
- Mr Lescott has his mouth open for your cock, baby. You are okay with that, right honey?
- Yes, Ma'am.
- But feeling my bony chest over you is too much for you to handle, my love. 
- You need to empty your balls somewhere, so that you feel even for a moment, how it is to be free of that sick lust for me. Right, dear?
- Yes, Ma'am.
- Good boy. Now look at Mr Lescott, baby. Focus on his warm, needy mouth. Okay?
- Yes, Ma'am.
-  Now think how it would be to let that cock of yours being milked by that mouth. 
- You are trembling, Mr Turner. Your throbbing cock is almost touching Mr Lescott's mouth. You like it?
- Yes, Ma'am.
- You want Mr Lescott to milk your cock for every drop of the cum you keep for me?
- Yes, Ma'am.
- Of course you do, silly. 
- You are a skull fucker.
- You are eternally cursed to live with your crushing obsession for my skinny body, that will be constantly fueling your balls with cum, that you know it will never get even near me. 
- And so you will despair, my love. And the more you despair the more anger you will have inside of you. 
- And the more angry you become, the more you will want to take that anger on Mr Lescott's mouth. 
- You hear me, Mr Turner?
- Yes, Ma'am.
- That's my boy.
- Feeling angry now, Mr Turner?
- Yes, Ma'am.
- Want to fuck that skull you have in front of you, baby?
- Yes, Ma'am.
- Want to destroy that mouth, honey?
- Yes, Ma'am.
- Now until I call your name, you will have no memory of what I am about to tell Mr Lescott. Okay, baby?
- Yes, Ma'am.
- Mr Lescott?
- Yes, dear....
- As you get more and more fucked by Mr Turner, you will realize this: despite his raw aggressiveness and the atrocity of his sexual acts, your mouth has a unique power on him. 
- You will realize he wants it. He needs it. Desperately. 
- You will find out that the moment you open it for him, his cock shoots uncontrollably. 
- You will realize that he is not able to control himself when he feels your mouth.
- And that realization will give you an unusual power: the power to tame him. 
- At first, while being new to this, you won't be able to control it and so you will be practically raped every time he decides to fuck.
- But in time, you will develop that power of yours and you will begin to manage that beast of yours to take what you want. 
- Do you understand me, baby?
- Yes, dear...
- The first time of that realization will take place now.
- You will keep it in your subconscious for future use.
- So, Mr Lescott.
- Yes, dear.
- You will subconsciously remember what just happened. Okay?
- Yes, dear.
- Now. Once I call his name, you will look him in the eyes. 
- You will call him "stud" and you will make sure that you look confident.
- You will ask him to look at your mouth.
- You will open it wide open and you will start playing with your lips for at least 3 minutes.
- You will make sure that you keep it as close to his cock as possible.
- You will keep it open for at least 5 minutes so that you start drooling.
- Then, without closing it, you will give a  small lick at the tip of his head.
- You will ask him if he likes it.
- You will keep your seductive look.
- You will make sure you are drooling uncontrollably, when you will slowly wrap your sloppy mouth around his cock.
- At this point you will do nothing to see what happens.
- Okay, baby?
- Yes, dear.
- Now. Mr Turner?
- Yes, Ma'am.
- I'll go sit over there. I think Mr Lescott is trying to tell you something...

- Hey, there, stud??

- ......

- Why don't you look at my mouth??

- .......

- Like it??

- ........

- Want me to ......






- See? I told you, he would love your mouth, baby.


- Your mouth will be his Achilles tendon, honey.


- Look at him, baby. He is yours now to drain him of all his milk. Remember how you did that.


- That's my boys. Oh, you 'll be perfect together.


- Oh Mr Turner, it's been a year, huh? It feels warm? 

- Oh you should see my "skinny" pussy, Mr Turner...


- Oh, look at him. Cummin' already, baby???


- Thought about it, stud? Couldn't keep it more?


- Yeah. Keep 'em comin', baby. Think about it, stud. Think about my bony legs and keep shooting in your boyfriend's mouth.


- Good boy. That's it. Unload your obsessive sperm in his warm mouth.


- Is that it, stud? Yeah, I guess those balls have plenty in them to feed your boy for hours. Right, Mr Turner?
- Yes, Ma'am.
- Was he good, Mr Lescott? 
- Yes, dear.
- You want more of him?
- Yes, dear.
- Oh, don't worry, hun. Something tells me that we are going to have a great relationship the three of us, that will surely benefit the company. Huh, Mr Lescott?
- Yes, dear.
- Now. Give me those evidence you were talking about before and I'm gonna tell you more about how to drain your boyfriend of all his cum. You would love my friendly advice, huh, baby?
- Yes, dear...
- Nice. Something tells me we are going to be best friends. I guess you 'd love that, huh, honey?
- Yes, dear...
- And by the way, Mr Turner. Can you please stop staring at my ass and send Mrs Andrews in?